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He's actually hiding because he's very, very embarrassed about all this," he told reporters. Family pleads for help Before his disappearance, Hackett was last seen at a hotel, according to local media. Nev Hackett said his son had missed an appointment with his lawyer and the family was "extremely worried". "When we spoke to him several hours [ago], he just hung up when we asked him where he was," he said. "Grant, let us know where you are, we love you, and we want to help you," he said. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Hackett is a two-time Olympic champion in the 1,500m freestyle Local media reported Hackett indicated he would seek help after being released from police custody on Wednesday. His brother, Craig Hackett, said the former Olympian was "a danger to himself". On Thursday, Hackett had posted a picture of himself on Instagram sporting a black eye. It was doctor home loan calculator Oak Laurel 0430129662 unclear when the image was taken.